Good advice is reflected in success.

The insurance industry in Switzerland is complex. The large number of providers reflects the broad swathe of client needs. But which insurance products are the right ones for your needs? Born Consulting will analyse and manage your risks, develop watertight insurance schemes and support you in the event of a claim. 

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Risk analysis

Identifying possible cracks in the mirror before they occur.

No one knows your business better than you do. That's why, working with you, we will analyse the risks within your enterprise, calculate the probability of occurrence plus the ramifications of such an event and, on the basis of this, draw up an action plan for you. We will provide you with recommendations as to how risks can be avoided, reduced, passed on or transferred in future. To achieve this we will draw on the expertise of our network partners. 

Risk management

Safety glass for a flawless reflection. 

Risk management only works when it is exercised not only by you, but also by your employees. Working in close partnership with you, we will draw up a comprehensive concept for dealing with operational risks. Depending on the complexity, we will seek advice from our network of specialists.

Our risk management is carried out in four steps:

  • Systematic recording and assessment of your operational risks.
  • Drafting of an action plan, as well as a controlling strategy.
  • Training of your employees.
  • Ongoing assistance with your risk management project through to its implementation and initial application. 



Insurance proposals and occupational pension schemes

We will reflect the individuality of your business.

Every business will have its own particular risk profile and tolerances. For insurance and pension schemes to be successful, they need to be tailored to the 'rough edges', that is to say the specific needs of your company. 

Born Consulting never relies on partial solutions; it instead considers your security requirements as a whole. Depending on the particular situation, we will either make use of traditional insurance products or resort to alternative risk-transfer solutions (ART). It allows us to protect your balance sheet in the most effective manner. 

Claims management

We'll caulk every crack.

Born Consulting will represent you in the event of a claim – whether as the insured or aggrieved party. We will assist you during the entire case, and help to bring it to a close both quickly and competently. 

Should your company have suffered a loss, we shall undertake the initial assessment, report the damage suffered to your insurance company, negotiate on any expert reports as well as acceptance of costs, and scrutinise compensation proposals. 

Furthermore, we will assess your prospects of success and negotiate with the insurance company of the claimant or aggrieved party. Where a settlement cannot be reached outside of court, we will advise you prior to the court proceedings regarding the appointment of a suitable solicitor and remain at your service with our expertise. 



Attendance management

To ensure no gaps arise when pieces are missing. 

When employees don't arrive, the ensuing gaps needs to be closed – quickly. Only in this way can the smooth operation of business processes be guaranteed. 

Efficient attendance management will minimise the downtime of employees and increase the competitiveness of your company. Working on your behalf, we will develop effective internal reporting processes, conduct prevention campaigns and workplace optimisations. We will also remain on call for you during the introduction, the communication, plus the use and monitoring of such tools.